Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fritz Kuhn: Iron and Apples

I'm always struck when an artist takes  radically different ideas, like iron and apples, and brings them together in one work of art. I love the delicacy of Kuhn's initial sketches, which emphasize the fullness and ripeness of the apples. He evokes that sense of life in the finished ironwork (second  photo) through his use of abstracted shapes, solid and void, rhythm and repetition. I'm especially taken with the ink wash studies (bottom photo), as pattern and movement in a 2D format is something of particular interest to me right now.  This is a great example of  the development of an artist's work, one which clearly illustrates the evolution of specific ideas, and how they all come together in the finished product.

- Photo credits: "Fritz Kuhn, Stahl Und Metallarbeiten"

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