Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sewing: Kimono Tops based on Paul Poiret dress

                                            This is a top I made last year based on the Paul Poiret dress shown below. I adapted the pattern from a store bought dress that was similar.
The paisley fabric is from a pair of palazzo pants I sewed 15 years ago. (The legs were so wide and flowy that my foot would catch in them going up and down stairs; rather than break my neck, I quit wearing them.) To make the side panels I split the legs along the inseam and used the outer seams for the side-seams of the top.  The fabric in the center panel is a scrap I've had in my sewing basket for 10-plus years.

I'm in the process of making another top out of rayon challis, refining my original pattern, and using an old sheet for the muslin.

                         For the neckband I'm using a remnant from one of my sister's sewing projects. I would like to have made it a little wider, but it was a very small scrap.

For a long time I've had an idea about "The Dress"-- one pattern that's extremely comfortable, pretty, fun and easy to make. This might be it.  I'd like to continue to experiment with different combinations of prints, colors, and textures, as well as subtle alterations in gathering, and maybe some trimmed pockets?

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