Monday, March 25, 2013

Adapting a textile design to applique

This is a mock-up for an applique design I adapted from the 1950's textile design seen in the photo below.  I ran across it in a nice little paper-back called "Fun Fabrics of the 50's" by Joy Shih, one of a series she's written on vintage fabrics. 

For the lattice I used random black scraps of linen and cotton; the turquoise is Guatemalan cotton from my sister Kelli's leftover sewing stash.  The orange is silk, and the green, Italian linen.  The inset in the orange is rayon from some old palazzo pants I made years ago, that due to the wide, flowy legs, keep providing me with scraps. I like how the patterns, textures, and weaves of the fabrics bring another layer of complexity to the design.

This could easily be a pillow front but I'm not in a big rush to make it into a "thing".   For now I'm just experimenting, figuring out what I do (and don't) like to do, and little by little developing a system for living with,  i.e. organizing, lots of scraps. Gotta long way to go on that one.  

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