Monday, April 21, 2014

Textiles into pillows... and Tillycat.

Today Tillycat joined the photo shoot  for this pillow I just completed.  It's  made of burlap, silk, 1960's (Central/South American?) woven cotton from my grandmother's fabric stash, old linen pants, and Italian linen.  Read more about the inspiration for the textile design here  and more about Tillycat  here

                                                                                            The image of the reclining cat in the grass staring at the pillow reminded me of Andrew Wyeth's painting "Christina's World"....

               ...although I'm guessing that Wyeth's model probably wasn't as interactive as Tillycat:

l a n d s c a p e

This is another pillow I completed this week from a textile inspired by the local landscape

I began designing the textile with the strips oriented horizontally.  The pillow has a different feel when you turn it different directions.

conversation and bird's nest

I've also been thinking of bird's nests.... I mocked this up from scraps while I was on the phone with a friend
...random pieces loosely organized about a center-- a  pretty accurate diagram of our conversation that evening....
reminds me of this drawing I did in '09

Patterns, landscapes, using whatever happens to be in the scrap pile?  Which direction do I take?

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