Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bird hop

Secretary bird pillow made as a 50th anniversary gift for some good friends of mine.

The inset materials include tea-dyed burlap, cotton scraps left from my sister's 1980's pajama pants, and a fabric swatch from Mrs. Blume, a decorator friend of my grandmother c. 1960-70.
The top and bottom of the frame is made of Woolrich wool,  and the floral sides are cut from a French wool tapestry sample from the '90's.

Upon arriving at its new home, the bird hopped Goldilocks-style from chair to chair trying to find the right fit. This one is tres cool but more anatomically suited to a human than a bird...

                                                                      ... good color and the 1970's tubular acrylic is hip, but it's a little too small.


This one is great if you're in a tweedy mood.

Home at last under an Ellsworth Kelly print -- appropriate considering Kelly spent a lot of time as a child bird-watching on a reservoir near his home.  My friends are also avid bird watchers and naturalists, so everything has come together nicely.

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Jose 813 said...

Lovely! Perfect location.