Saturday, May 20, 2017


-1960s wool coat and satin lining, 50s party dress with tulle trim, hand-embroidered tea-dyed burlap,
80s bed sheet, cargo pants seams

Eucalyptus bark at a friend's house, Woodland Hills, CA.  As soon as I saw the
tree, I knew I would make a textile, and exactly which fabrics I would use.


My mother's 1960s wool coat, transitioning from garment to art.
I love the two-tone coral/gray, shiny/matte satin lining.  The construction
details-- inseams, hems, edges cut with pinking shears-- are kept intact
and used as-is in the textile.                                                                                                                                            


My mom (right) and her two sisters in 1950s party gowns.
The green fabric in the textile, if not from one of these dresses, is
from one similar.

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