Monday, July 2, 2012

Arts and Crafts Applique and Embroidery:1900-16

Pomegranate Table Square 1900-16
Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework
Applique and embroidery on linen 15"x15 1/2"

Fruit table linen in applique and Spachtel embriodery, c. 1908
17"x51". Anonymous
This week's indulgence is Arts and Crafts textiles, courtesy of the book "American Arts and Crafts Textiles" 

No need to wax poetic as the images speak for themselves. The colors, and the use of linen thread on linen fabric is classic Arts and Crafts Movement .
I particularly love the contrast in the Pomegranate Table Square of the dark branches in the center against the gold linen. And "Lotus Portieres"... what a wonderful idea to applique curtains.

I switched from drawing to sewing last week and have nearly finished the applique pillows , so I have applique on my mind.  This is the third post of Arts and Crafts Textiles for for me today.  Hopefully I've gotten it out of my system for awhile... except, what about the embroidered gloves I saw in a book last week....

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Three panel folding screen with conventionalized rose design. 1902-16.
Flax and jute "Craftsman canvas" with linen applique and
hand embroidery; each panel 66"x22".

Anonymous. Pillow with conventionalized poppy design. c. 1906.
Silk embroidery over stenciling with glass beads on cotton monk's
cloth. 20"x18 1/2".
Craftsman Workshops. Table scarf with crab apple design. 1902-16.
Linen with hand embroidery in linen, darning stitch. 14 3/4"x17 1/2".

Carftsman Workshops. Lotus portieres in the dining room
of the Michael J. Riordan house. c. 1904. Flax, jute
"Craftsman canvas" with cotton twill applique
and hand embroidery, linen thread, 42" x 69".

All photos and captions from the book:       "American Arts and Crafts Textiles"

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