Friday, July 13, 2012

Studio floor- 13 July

It's always interesting for me to check in occasionally with what's on my mind these days by taking a good look at my  studio floor.
Starting from top right-- Jonah Leher's "Proust is a Neuroscientist", "Artists' Textiles in Britain,1945-1970: A Democratic Art", Owen Jones' "Grammar of Ornament", Gee's Bend quilts, "Ayako Miyawaki: Art of Japanese Applique", "Clyde Connell: The Art and Life of a Louisiana Woman" by Charlotte Moser, "Purses in Pieces" by Olaf Goubitz, "Il Ferro Nel Arte Italiano" by Gregorio de Ferrari, "Chinese Dress Accessories" by Valerie M. Garrett, "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Woolf,
... and of course, birds, birds, birds.

Which all adds up to solitude, nature, making art with what you have, textiles, patterns, bags, applique, color, feathers, and flight....

Oh, and "Proust is a Neuroscientist"? That's a gift from a friend who knows that a book endorsed by both Oliver Sacks, a neuroscientist,  and Jacques Pepin, a chef, is the perfect book for me. The last chapter is on the mind and creativity as explored by Virginia Woolf, which brings me back to "A Room of One's Own" which is also on my studio floor, and where this post began.

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