Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bird's nest pillow

Here's the bird's nest pillow completed, as well as the original layout which I completed during a longish phone call with a friend. The textile is made of  linen, cotton, and wool scraps, some of which are pieces of 1960's cotton curtains, and the tea-dyed fragments of a 1920's cotton bedspread.

The organization of random parts around a loosely defined center parallels the shape of our discussion... unconscious design synchronicity?

Also brings to mind this photo of balconies around a courtyard I took looking down from a friend's apartment in Milan in the early eighties.

I was thinking of  OSB board in which scraps are layered, "mashed-up" to form a new, composite material, much like the textile.


I originally designed it oriented as shown in the top right photo, but it's fun to turn it all directions and see how it changes-- Tilllycat thought so too.

This morning as I was starting to sew up the edgestrip textile into a pillow, and ran across these pics I took a couple of days ago when I was experimenting with a color-block strip at the base.  I like the shift in scale.

Since making my bedspread , I'm still hung up on the trapezoidal stonework at Machu Picchu.

Here it is with a green strip which I vetoed immediately.
Still thinking on this one.....

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